19 agosto 2019

#SIAVS2019: Enjoy the free attractions!

Entrance is free to Brazil’s largest poultry and pork fair!  That is one of the advantages for attendees at the International Poultry and Pork Salon (SIAVS) to be held from August 27 to 29 at São Paulo’s Anhembi Parque venue.

And there are even more advantages: access to the bulk of the lecture schedule is free to attendees.

At the Ovosite Symposium, for example (August 27), one of the most important events in the egg-laying industry, international trade specialist Osler Desouzart will address “Brazil’s egg laying industry: where are we now and how far can we go?”  The Symposium will also see a round table involving the industry’s leading players.  Click here to see the schedule for the event.

Another free-of-charge attraction for the first day of SIAVS will be the Symposium “Innovation: the Discipline of Creation”.  At 2 p.m. leading names in agribusiness will address the future of food production. José Luiz Tejon and Victor Megido, of Biomarketing; Claire Sarantopoulos and Luis Madi, of ITAL (Brazil’s Food Technology Institute); and  Marcio Milan of ABRAS (the Brazilian Supermarket Association) have all been confirmed. That meeting is produced by Revista feed&food Magazine and ABPA (the Brazilian Animal Protein Association), Phibro Saúde Animal, Biomarketing Publicidade e Consultoria and TCA Internacional.  Click here for more details.

Another attraction on August 27, the Brazilian Pig Breeders Association (ABCS) Symposium will address “Options for Mitigating Crises in the Hog Market” including the keynote speech to be given by the chairman of ABCS, Marcelo Lopes, entitled “Beyond Yield, the three pillars of economically sustainable pig breeding: exports, the grain market, and the domestic market”.  There are other free lectures on the cost of production and exports, which you can see here.

On August 28, ABRA, the Brazilian Animal Recycling Association (ABRA) will hold its 7th International Seminar: New Horizons in Animal Recycling. The schedule includes two special lectures: “The animal recycling industry: market and product trends”, given by Fernando Mendizabal, Chair of Consejo Latinoamericano de la Industria de Reciclaje de Subproductos Animales (CLIRSA); and “RenovaBio: how the policy impacts the animal fats chain in the production of biodiesel”, to be given by Juan Diego Ferrés, Chairman of the Upper Board of Ubrabio.  José Augusto Santos, administrator of ETSA, will also address an international business case entitled “How Portugal’s ETSA, an animal recycling company, has kept up with and adapted to changes demanded by the European union for the industry”. Click here to find out more.

The second day of the SIAVS schedule promises incubaFORUM aviNews Brasil 2019.  Topics listed for discussion include issues such as “On-farm birth and early feeding: Utopia or Reality”, “How to boost results by incubating long-storage eggs”; “New incubation technologies, do they pay the bill? The results of multiple and single steps compared”; and “Practical aspects of incubation to improve the quality of one-day chicks”.  More details on the free IncubaFÓRUM can be seen here.

Another program is the Growers’ Project, a pioneering initiative within the SIAVS program with a special free schedule for poultry and pig producers.  The Project will be addressed three times during SIAVS, once on each day of the event.  Guidelines for best production practices, market information updates for growers, health, quality, sustainability and other everyday topics will be on the agenda.  Click here for more details.

About SIAVS – SIAVS is Brazil’s poultry and pig farming sector’s major event.  The last time it was staged more than 15,000 visitors from 51 countries took part in it.  Some 1,700 attendees took part in one of agribusiness’s most extensive lecture programs. The Growers’ Project, an exclusive initiative of SIAVS for poultry and pig farmers, attracted 1,400 farmers to the Anhembi Parque venue. Approximately 150 companies displayed their products and solutions at Brazil’s largest poultry and pig industry trade fair.  A total of 31 poultry, egg and pork exporting agribusinesses took part in the event, engaging in meetings with importers, domestic market buyers, and suppliers.

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#SIAVS2019: Enjoy the free attractions!


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