16 maio 2019

SIAVS panel discusses MAP of ante and post-mortem inspection

The ante-mortem and post-mortem inspection program of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply will be on the agenda of the International Poultry and Poultry Show (SIAVS), scheduled for August 27-29 at Anhembi Parque in São Paulo, .

Scheduled for the last day of the SIAVS, the Panel “The MAP of Ante Inspection and Post Mortem Based on Risk” will be moderated by the Federal Superintendent of Agriculture of São Paulo, Andréa Figueiredo Procópio de Moura.

Auditor Jean Felipe Celestino Couhie will deal with the issue from the perspective of pig production. Already the tax auditor Márcia Regina Franke and the researcher of Embrapa Pigs and Aves, Luizinho Caron, will deal with the new legislation focused on the production of birds.

According to SIAVS programming coordinator Ariel Antônio Mendes, the panel will discuss the risk-based inspection model prepared by Embrapa, which has already been tested and should be implemented soon.

“The model is an international trend in agribusiness inspection management. The panel will be an excellent opportunity to resolve doubts with the representatives of the Ministry, advancing further consolidation of the new model, “says Mendes.

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Main event of the national poultry and swine calendar, SIAVS attracted more than 15 thousand visitors from 51 countries in its last edition. Around 1,700 congress participants participated in one of the largest agribusiness lectures. The Producer Project, an exclusive initiative of the SIAVS focused on poultry farmers and pig farmers, attracted 1,400 producers to Anhembi Parque.

About 150 companies exhibited their products and solutions at the largest fair of poultry and swine breeding in Brazil. In all, 31 poultry, egg and pig exporting agroindustries participated in the event, participating in meetings with importers, domestic market buyers and suppliers.

SIAVS panel discusses MAP of ante and post-mortem inspection


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