August 6 to 8, 2024

Anhembi Parque São Paulo – Brazil

SIAVS is the biggest poultry and pork event in Brazil!

As Brazil’s biggest poultry and pork event, SIAVS is increasingly relevant and significant, establishing our agricultural industry’s image and competitiveness.

Built on a Show, Congress and Free Programming, SIAVS brings together thousands of participants, including buyers, technicians, researchers, consultants, leaders and students from Brazil and around the world.

SIAVS is a unique opportunity for those looking to invest in new production technologies and to gain access to information to bolster projects and productive activities.

You can’t miss Brazil’s official poultry and pork event. Participate in SIAVS 2024 to grow!

Show of Opportunity

SIAVS holds the largest poultry and pork technology and products show in Brazil, a unique opportunity for producer and exporter agricultural industries, with actions focused on visits by buyers from the largest wholesale and retail chains in Brazil, in addition to attendance by international buyers, through a partnership with Apex-Brasil. The major launches that happen at SIAVS point to new directions for production activities, shoring up the sector's competitiveness and its leading role.

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