Free Lectures

SIAVS 2022 also features free seminars and lectures for visitors to the biggest poultry and pork event in Brazil!

Day 1

August 9 - Tuesday

Day 2

August 10 - Wednesday

Day 3

August 11 - Thursday

KEYNOTE ADDRESS (The Celso Furtado Convention Palace)

09h30 – 10h30Prospects for the Brazilian economy in the next decade
10h30 – 12h00

OPENING CEREMONY (The Celso Furtado Convention Palace)

CHICKEN FARMERS' PROJECT (The Celso Furtado Convention Palace)

13h30 – 14h30Initial handling and ambience on the broiler farm


14h00 – 14h15Challenges for the farm of the future
14h15 – 14h30Innovations from farm to fork
14h30 – 14h45Use of the integration system and development of the export culture in the company
14h45 – 15h00New types of poultry houses for producing eggs in cages and on the floor
15h00 – 15h30Debate
16h00 – 16h40


16h40 – 16h50Debate

ABCS SYMPOSIUM (Rooms 1 and 2)

14h00 – 14h10Opening
14h10 – 14h50From a staple to a star of haute cuisine: the path of pork
14h50 – 15h00Trends and Prospects for pork
15h00 – 15h40 Panel 2 - The evolution of Brazilian pig genetics
15h40 – 15h50The importance of the Quarantine Station of Cananeia in the national and international scenario
15h50 – 16h05Brazil, from an importer to an exporter of genetic material
16h05 – 16h20Round table with genetics companies
16h20 – 17h20Discussion and closing
**PRELIMINARY SCHEDULE - subject to change

CHICKEN FARMERS' PROJECT (The Celso Furtado Convention Palace)

13h30 – 14h30Sustainability by producer’s point of view

AVINEWS SEMINAR (Rooms 1 and 2)

09h00 – 09h30Three key areas for storage of hatching eggs (farm/transportation/hatchery)
09h30 – 10h00In-ovo vaccination - Program for vaccination in the hatchery
10h00 – 10h30Breeding males: the key element in current production
10h30 – 11h00Coffee break
11h00 – 11h30Machinery and energy efficiency
11h30 – 12h00New 4.0 technologies
12h00 – 12h30Export of eggs: challenges and opportunities

Feed&Food SYMPOSIUM - Sustainability (Rooms 1 and 2)

14h00 – 14h10Opening
14h10 – 14h50Global carbon credit market
14h50 – 15h20Sustainability indicators in Brazilian agriculture
15h20 – 15h50Sustainability Programs in the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Supply
15h50 – 16h30“Curuca” Sustainability Award Ceremony

4th ABRA TECHNICAL DIALOGUE - Animal Recycling Sector (Room 6)

09h00 – 09h20International: current market situation for exporting animal meal and fats
09h20 – 09h40Increase of economy and competition with innovative tools and methods in animal recycling (M2 TECHNOLOGY)
09h40 – 10h00Competitive advantages through tributary intelligence in the animal recycling sector (EVROS - Tributary Intelligence)
10h00 – 10h30Debate
**PRELIMINARY SCHEDULE - subject to change

CHICKEN FARMERS' PROJECT (The Celso Furtado Convention Palace)

11h00 – 12h00Good Production Practices focused on Salmonella control
**PRELIMINARY SCHEDULE - subject to change



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