#SIAVS2022 neutralizes 158 tons of CO2

Main poultry and pig farming event in Brazil, #SIAVS2022 – held between August 9th and 11th, in São Paulo (SP) – also stood out as one of the most relevant initiatives for the sustainability of the production chain in the year.

Hosting several actions with the purpose of promoting the sector’s sustainable profile, SIAVS contracted the neutralization of 158 tons of CO2 referring to emissions from actions carried out during the event.

The hiring of neutralization contemplated several lines: food cooking; assembly and disassembly of the event; transport in third-party vehicles; travel, indirect emissions, treatment of waste generated by the event, among others.

This action adds to the clean energy contracted by SIAVS to move the three days of the event, with the contracting of the I-REC (International Renewable Energy Certificates) which is a global system for tracking environmental attributes of energy that issues certificates that prove the source of renewable energy used. The issuance of the certificates was carried out by Trix Energia. In practical terms, the traceability certificate proves that the energy demanded by the SIAVS was applied to the electrical system from a renewable source. Each certificate represents 1MWh, which is equivalent in Brazil to 60 kilos of CO2 not emitted.

The neutralization of greenhouse gas emissions was carried out by the company Neutralize Carbono, following the guidelines established in the regulations of the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT) for this case. The project directly benefiting from the neutralization was the Teles Pires Hydroelectric Power Plant, which generates energy using a clean model, with reduced use of fossil fuels.

“Innovative and indicating trends for the sector, SIAVS reinforces its purpose and invests in the decarbonization of the event’s attractions, establishing a milestone for fairs and congresses in our sector. Sectorial sustainability was a constant agenda throughout the event, and now it is reflected in the neutralization of all these actions”, emphasizes the president of ABPA, Ricardo Santin.

2022 edition numbers – #SIAVS2022 was the main event of the sectors in the year. In all, 2,300 delegates and 80 speakers participated in technical and situational topics. Among the highlights was the panel of CEOs, with leaders of agroindustries in the sector, in a debate on the directions of the production chain. Other panels on future projections for animal protein, competitiveness, crisis management, logistics, technical issues on antimicrobials, salmonellosis and others were on the agenda of debates.

Around 21,000 visitors from 53 countries were present at the event – the highest number ever registered. Through the Producer Project, 1,900 poultry and pig farmers from different production centers were integrated.

With an area 30% larger, the SIAVS had around 200 exhibitors of equipment, biological and pharmaceutical inputs, feed and other suppliers from various areas of the production chain that exhibited in more than 20 thousand square meters, their technologies and products aimed at production of animal protein.

The numbers result exclusively from the participation of 48 agroindustries producing and exporting poultry meat, pork, eggs, dairy products, duck, farmed fish and genetic material. According to the consulted companies, the businesses carried out and the contacts established during the event should result in US$ 880.3 million in exports over the next 12 months. In just the three days of the event, according to the associated companies, established business reached US$ 544.3 million.

The next edition of SIAVS will take place between August 6th and 8th, 2024, in São Paulo (SP). Learn more at www.siavs.com.br.