The challenges for logistics and Brazilian infrastructure will be discussed at the International Poultry and Pig Farming Exhibition (SIAVS), the largest event in the sectors in Brazil, which will take place between August 9th and 11th, at Anhembi Parque, in São Paulo ( SP).
Scheduled for August 10 (Wednesday), the seminar mediated by the coordinator of the Logistics Group of the Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA), José Perboyre, will feature a presentation by the National Secretary of Land Transport, Felipe Fernandez Queiroz.
The presentation will be followed by a debate, which will bring together representatives of the logistics sector of the poultry and swine agro-industries. Osvaldo Filho, from Seara Alimentos, and Jaison Antônio Cardoso, from Cooperativa Central Aurora, confirmed their participation for the debate.
“The poultry and pork sectors faced severe challenges throughout the pandemic, resulting from a global scenario that generated a strong increase in costs in international logistics. In this context, we want to discuss a vision of the future for strengthening the competitiveness of the export sector, especially in view of the new needs imposed on the country”, says Perboyre.
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