Public and private sectors discuss advances in the modernization of slaughterhouses

Advances in the inspection system of the meatpacking sector will be on the agenda during the International Poultry and Pig Farming Exhibition (SIAVS), the largest event in the country’s sectors, which will take place between August 9 and 11, at Anhembi Parque, in São Paulo (SP) .

Scheduled for the first day of the event, the panel Advances and Challenges in the Meat Sector will bring together political leaders, tax auditors from the Ministry of Agriculture and industry representatives to discuss the regulations that are being developed, with a direct impact on efficiency and the improvement of controls. of the food industry.

The panel will be mediated by the quality manager of Cooperativa Agroindustrial Consolata (Copacol), Márcia Ferrari, and will be divided into three stages. In the first of them, Federal Deputy Domingos Sávio will talk about the Bill of his rapporteur in Congress, which addresses the improvement of self-control – a measure already existing in the meatpacking industry, which will gain new points.

Later, a sequence of two presentations will address the poultry and swine inspection modernization program. The first one will be made by the Director of the Department of Inspection of Products of Animal Origin (DIPOA), Ana Lucia Viana, with a view of the public service in relation to the improvement measures. The theme will advance in the presentation by professor of veterinary medicine Liris Kindlen, from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul.

At the end, technicians from four agro-industries and cooperatives in the sector – Marisete Cerutti, from Seara Alimentos, Audren Abra de Carvalho, from C Vale, Luciana Chicarelli, from Bello Alimentos – will debate the set of measures and expectations of the productive sector in favor of gains productivity, quality preservation and waste reduction.

“We are at an important moment for the definitions of advances for the meat inspection model based on risk analysis, in line with other large producers such as the European Union, USA and Canada. The involvement, on the same stage, of such different links on the same theme brings maturity and expands the alignment between public and private entities around regulations whose main beneficiary will be the consumer”, analyzes the technical director, Sula Alves.

Other conjunctural and technical panels will be in the program of the biggest event of the sectors in the country. See more through the LINK.