At SIAVS, ABCS Symposium discusses trends and technical challenges in swine farming

Producers and members of the swine production chain will discuss technical challenges and market trends and pork consumption in Brazil during the ABCS Symposium, a free event that is part of the International Poultry and Swine Industry (SIAVS) program, scheduled between the 9th and August 11, at Anhembi Parque, in São Paulo (SP).

Scheduled for the first day of SIAVS (09/08), the ABCS Symposium – organized by the Brazilian Association of Pig Breeders (ABCS) – will feature two panels, with presentations by experts in consumer-oriented topics, market trends and technical challenges.

The first panel will address market trends and haute cuisine experiences, with the mediation of Valdomiro Ferreira Júnior, president of the São Paulo Association of Pig Breeders (APCS). The consumption experience will be on the agenda of the presentation by Chef and influencer Jimmy Ogro, dealing with the path of pork, from trivial to the star of haute cuisine.

Following the panel, talking about the market and consumption, Alexandre Mendonça de Barros, partner-consultant at MB Associados, will address trends and perspectives for Brazilian pork.

In the second panel, under the moderation of the ABCS technical director, Charli Ludtke, the evolution of genetics and health monitoring will be on the agenda. In the first presentation, the representative of the Ministry of Agriculture, Flávia Mattos, will address the importance of the Quarantine Station of Cananéia in the national and international scenario.

The debate will be reinforced by the presentation by Gustavo Simão, veterinarian responsible for the veterinary services of the Brazilian Association of Swine Genetics Companies (ABEGS), who will address the evolution of swine genetics, from importer to export platform. Fábio Vanucci, from the University of Minnesota (USA), will close the panel with a reflection on the importance of health diagnosis and monitoring in swine production.

“The ABCS symposium at SIAVS will address very important and structural issues for the swine production chain. We will address market perspectives and how haute cuisine has added value to pork. We have increased pork consumption in Brazil every year. this result by having biosecurity and genetic improvement, for example, as priorities. So, these topics could not be left out. Today, in addition to importing genetic material, Brazil also exports. We have perfected our laws and have a high level of biosecurity and animal welfare on the farms, all of this has an impact on the shelf, when the consumer chooses our protein. The price can be attractive, but the quality, flavor and origin of our meat makes him continue to consume it. , all these points that we will address at the symposium need to be highlighted so that our production continues to improve more and more”, highlighted Marcelo Lopes, president of ABCS.