Buffalo sector join SIAVS MULTIPROTEINS

After the accession of the farmed fish and beef and dairy cattle sectors, SIAVS Multiproteínas (August 9 to 11, at Anhembi Parque, in São Paulo/SP) also started to rely on the buffalo production chain from Brazil. National representation of buffalo producers, the Brazilian Association of Buffalo Breeders (ABCB) confirmed its participation in the SIAVS commercial exhibition.

With an exclusive space at the event, ABCB will present the attributes of the buffalo, which is a triple aptitude animal (meat, milk and traction). In this sense, the association will hold an exhibition and tasting with various dairy products, such as buffalo cheese.

The action will also focus on the dissemination of the ABCB’s Seal of Purity program, which attests that the dairy product is made up of 100% buffalo milk, without the addition of milk from other animals. The seal was created in the 2000s and, since then, there has been a 549% increase in the volume of milk collected by program participants, according to the association’s estimates.

The sample will also feature milk with A2A2 betacasein that does not cause inflammatory reactions in the body that cause poor digestion and fermentation. One of the advantages of buffalo milk is the presence of *readily available* vitamin A, in addition to offering twice the CLA particle (linoleic acid), which is an anticancer substance. Another advantage of buffaloes is in the meat, with good attributes for health, since it has 40% less cholesterol, 55% less calories and 12 times less fat.

“We are promoting strong promotion of buffalo products throughout Brazil. We want to show the importance of the Seal of Purity, which is an ABCB certification, which guarantees retail and final consumers the quality and origin of 100% buffalo milk, and as ABCB’s commitment and seal of purity to Disclose Buffalo Meat”, emphasizes Desireé Hastenpflug Möller, president of Ascribu (Southern Buffalo Breeders Association) and ABCB’s tax advisor, as well as a veterinarian and buffalo breeder.

Learn more about the work of ABCB and the buffalo sector at https://www.bufalo.com.br/home/