Clean energy will move #SIAVS2022

The energy that will drive the International Poultry and Pig Farming Exhibition (SIAVS) – promoted between August 9 and 11, at Anhembi Parque, in São Paulo (SP) – will come from sources with zero CO2 emissions.

This is because the Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA), organizer of SIAVS, hired the I-REC (International Renewable Energy Certificates) for the event, which is a global system for tracking environmental energy attributes that issues certificates that prove the origin of the renewable energy used. The issuance of certificates will be carried out by Trix Energia, a participant in this edition of SIAVS.

In practical terms, the traceability certificate proves that the energy demanded by SIAVS was applied to the electrical system from a renewable source. Each certificate represents 1MWh, which in Brazil is equivalent to 60 kilos of CO2 not emitted.

The initial projection is that almost 1.5 tons of CO2, which would be emitted with the energy demand of the event, will be neutralized by the system.

“The contracting of energy from renewable sources follows the purpose that SIAVS assumed in this edition, including through its theme ‘sustainable production: paths to global food security’. This means that we don’t want to be guided only by messages, but by decisions that have an effect. We work with a vision, in fact, in line with the ABPA Program for Incentive to Sustainable Practices, in line with our production chain”, highlights ABPA President Ricardo Santin.

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